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Digital currency investments have become extremely popular all across the world. Various kinds of trading tools are available for carrying out these investments. With the introduction of crypto currencies, investors from all over the world are taking advantage of the various opportunities which come with these digital currencies. Bitcoin, for instance, is the most commonly known crypto currency and this can be bought directly from some exchange. Others choose to trade crypto CFDs for they are convenient and simple to use. With increasing demands of these crypto currencies, it has become obvious that various services and products have emerged in its reference. Infact there are various software as well as tools, which help in providing assistance to traders so that they can make maximum profits from their investments while the risks involved become minimal. Among the different tools and products available for trading crypto currencies, Crypto Genius needs special mention. In this article, we will review the whole product in detail so that it is helpful for customers.

crypto genius

What is Crypto Genius?

As mentioned previously, Crypto Genius is a software. It runs a trading algorithm, which helps one in trading Bitcoin or other kinds of similar crypto currencies in various financial markets. The software is kind of a robot, which actually has high-frequency trading strategies programed in the same so that trading opportunities can be marked. Once this is done, one can make great profits from the ups and downs of the crypto markets.

One of the best things about Crypto Genius is that it is completely automated. As a result, even if you are completely novice about the crypto market and industry, you will have no problem. People with zero experience have also been able to trade successfully with the help of this trading bot. The best thing is that when a survey and research was done on Crypto Genius, many people opined positively that the software helped them in making good money every day. Infact there is authentic confirmation that people are making few thousands of dollars every day with the help of the bot. Along with professional traders, many people like CEOs, single moms, housewives, college goers etc. are making good amounts of money with this software.

Since Crypto Genius is an automated software, it comes with many benefits and advantages. The first is that it is extremely easy and simple to use. Even a first time user can operate the software without any problems. Also since the bot is automated, there is no need to spend uncountable hours for management of the accounts and for watching the moves of the market. In a day, just few minutes need to be spared for setting of the trading parameters in the correct manner. You have to set as how much investment you want to do per trade. Moreover, it is important to decide on the cryptos on which you need to trade. All the other jobs and works further will be done by Crypto Genius.

If a trade is pinpointed which is completely in sync with your trading parameters, the bot will begin executing the trade without any kind of intervention from your end. Thus, with automated trading you can be relaxed that you can make money even when you are asleep. Also since the whole thing runs by a bot, there is no place for any kind of emotional interferences. Also, there is no chance of slip by the software and it works in the perfect manner. When trading id done via a trading bot like Crypto Genius, the whole process is based on fact and data. The algorithm detects the data and this data is then used for profit making purpose.

Another excellent advantage of Crypto Genius software is that there is no need of downloading any kind of software for running the bot. It is an intuitive web-trader and hence there is no need for any kinds of system updates and all.

How does Crypto Genius function? Working of the trading software

The functioning of Crypto Genius is quite fascinating and interesting. The robot is based on advanced algorithms, which help in headhunting the best and the most profitable trades in the whole financial market. Once hunted, the bot also makes the trades automatically. The strategies, which are applied in the algorithms are basically used in high-frequency trading in stock markets and forex markets. In the strategies large quantities of historical, big data are used for making informed trading decisions. It has been seen that the accuracy of these trading algorithms are way better than human analysts. Along with accuracy, there is another point which also needs special mention here. The robots are automated and hence they can analyze massive volumes of data within a fraction of a second. Once that is done, the trade process can be executed. It saves great amounts of time and energy.

When it comes to Crypto Genius, the bot uses technical as well as fundamental analysis for making trading decisions. In technical analysis, trading options are mainly based on historical data. However, in case of fundamental analysis, the thing is little different. The analysis is done when the robot is able to identify tradable news. In case this gets identified, this is analyzed further.

The Crypto Genius software comes with South Korean Fiber Optic technology. As a result, it works with amazing speed and is regarded as one of the fastest in the industry. The speed is blazing indeed at 150 petabits x kilometer. The software has a deadly combination of 98% accurate algorithm and lightning speed. Thus, now it is quite understood as how users are able to make such huge amounts of money.

There is another prominent feature present in Crypto Genius, which is a very crucial point. The algorithm used in the software enters the market and trades almost 0.39 seconds quicker than any other software in the whole industry. Traders can decipher the meaning of this sentence in the best manner. Before the market moves in some direction, the bot can identify that and can actually open a trade before it actually happens. The result is that trading success is guaranteed with the help of this software.

The Crypto Genius

Accurate trades can be made more often with Crypto Genius

We all know by now that high-frequency and accurate trading can help in making great deal of profits. The sole reason behind this is that there is capitalization on each and every chance and opportunity that comes in the markets. The software always carries out its task of scanning the financial markets thoroughly so that trading opportunities are found at the earliest. Once the opportunities are located, the bot will trade at least one of the options automatically. Since the software is making accurate trades, chances and potential of profits are quite high and limitless.

Some prominent key features of Crypto Genius bot

It has already been said and discussed that Crypto Genius comes with various attractive key features, which can actually help in boosting trading success to a great extent. Some of the most prominent key features of Crypto Genius are as follows:

  • Completely automated trading – This is probably one of the most interesting and best features of Crypto Genius. There is no need of manually analyzing the markets for finding profitable trading opportunities. Crypto Genius plays a pivotal role in carrying out the process of analysis for the customer. Then automatically the trade opens up for the customer. Even if you are sleeping or resting or playing, the bot keeps on doing its job and helps you in making money.
  • Extremely easy and convenient to use – It has been already mentioned in the review that Crypto Genius is extremely easy and convenient to use. Anyone and everyone can run and use this simple software. Even if you are a first-timer or a novice in this field and have never done any kind of trading online, even then you can operate this bot. Infact you don’t even need to have any kind of experience of the crypto currency market. With the bot, you can just trade and make money even while sleeping.
  • Absolutely free of charge – There is no option for making any kind of payment for accessing the Crypto Genius software. Accessing the software is completely out of charge. There are no commissions or any kind of hidden fee which comes with the software.
  • Withdrawal process is easy and streamlined – When it comes to the withdrawal process via Crypto Genius, the process is easy to do and extremely streamlined at the same time. Once the withdrawal request is completed, one gets the invested funds back in a period of 24 hours. However, there is small twist in this regard. Getting the funds back is quite deeply related to the way in which the initial deposit was made. There might be some delay because of the banking institution. Hence it is recommended to talk to the bank as well in this regard.
  • Excellent customer service and support – Crypto Genius has an excellent customer support team. The team is not only very helpful, it is highly professional in its attitude. Also it is highly responsive. In case of any problems or queries, they can be contacted and they assist the customers with all kinds of queries.
  • Verification process – The verification process at Crypto Genius is simple and secure and takes place on the website of the bot directly. Once the initial sign-up process is completed, the email address of the customer needs to be verified. A confirmation email is sent to your email id for verifying the details. The safety of the users online is taken care of very well.

crypto genius review

Signing up and registering an account with Crypto Genius

If you are looking to sign up and register an account with Crypto Genius, you can do it all by yourself in the most hassle free manner. Also, opening the account is simply free of charge. It has been seen that with each passing day, the size of the Crypto Genius family is constantly increasing. The process of sign up is not only easy and convenient, it is highly safe and secure at the same time. User data as well as website data is protected. This is the reason the software has SSL certification.

For signing up with Crypto Genius, these easy steps need to be followed:

  • Sign up – The official website of Crypto Genius needs to be visited. There is a short registration form which needs to ne filled up accordingly. Personal information is needed to be furnished for the sign up process. These include the likes of full name, full location with country and code, email id and telephone number. An account will be formed and you will be asked to create a password for the same. This completes registration with Crypto Genius.
  • Deposit making – Once the account is opened and signup is complete, one moves towards the trading dashboard. You have to add some capital to your account so that you can start playing. Minimum deposit of just $250 is needed so that you can start playing at the earliest. This amount is the trading capital for trading cryptos. This fund can be withdrawn at any time. There are different ways in which one can make deposits in the account at Crypto Genius. In case of a problem, the support staff can be of help and will provide the required assistance.
  • Demo account – Crypto Genius offers a demo trading account so that one can understand the ways of the process from this. The account works with virtual funds so that the software can be tested risk-free. The cash remains as it is and there is no loss of the hard earned cash. The demo account is a great place for familiarizing oneself with the software.
  • Start live trading – Once everything is done, the live trading platform can be accessed where automatically trades will open depending on your trading parameters. Since it is automated, nothing needs to be done Just wait and watch the profits made!

Earn thousands of dollars by registering with Crypto Genius

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