Jubiter Crypto Currency Review

jubiter review

We all know about the trend of crypto currency and how people are making quick money with the same. There are many things which are related to the crypto currency industry and one of them is wallet service. Jubiter is a new Litecoin and Bitcoin Exchange and wallet service. With the help of this service, it is possible to access, purchase and sell and exchange various kinds of crypt currencies. And all this can be done in various ways with the help of bank transfer or by using a debit card/credit card and so on.

There was a time that for purchasing bitcoins, one had to visit some of the darkest places on the web. But now, the thing has become much more acceptable and today buying bitcoins has become extremely easy and convenient. It is possible to purchase these and other kinds of cryptos almost instantly via laptop or desktop or even a mobile device. But the purchase has to take place through some exchange.

Lots of things are happening in the crypto ecosystem and industry and there is constant news of different crypto exchanges being hacked. Therefore it is very important to ensure that dealings of crypto currencies should be done only with proper exchanges. The exchange should know how the money can be kept secure for you. In this regard, Jubiter crypto currency has gained great reputation as an excellent exchange and wallet service for you. The service provides ultimate security measures when it is regarding keeping finds safe.

Important information regarding hackers

Many people might not know but the wallet services and the crypto exchange actually store more than 97% of the coins off the network. Usually hackers or hacking systems work well when there is something online. There are various ways in which the hackers can reach you and they can break all kinds of security measures which are there in the place. In such a situation, there is only one thing that can be done. And this to take the majority part of your resources offline. This is what Jubiter has done exactly. In this review article, we will cover all important points, which you want to know about Jubiter so that you have complete details on the wallet. When you think of using the wallet service, you will have full and complete knowledge about the wallet so that you can use the same in the most efficient manner.

What is Jubiter?

As mentioned previously, Jubiter is a new Litecoin and Bitcoin exchange and wallet service. With the help of this service, it is possible to purchase, exchange and sell various kinds of crypto currencies by making bank transfer or with the use of a debit card/credit card. The interface of Jubiter is extremely user friendly and the design is made in such a manner that everyone can use the same without any kind of problem. No kind of training is required for using this service and even a novice can use the same. Another great advantage of this service is that it can be accessed on all kinds of devices – desktops, laptops, mobiles and even tabs.

With the help of this service, it will not only be possible to sell and buy coins, but you can also exchange Bitcoin to Litecoin and vice versa. This is a unique feature, which helps it to stand apart from many other wallets. The platform that Jubiter offers is extremely easy to use. Moreover, the document verification process on the platform is automated. Therefore instant authorization of the transactions is possible due to this.

Jubiter was initially started by an undaunted Bitcoin zealot. This man had great knowledge of necessary skills and technology, which is required in this field. Jubiter is owned by Richard Brockhume, who is a British citizen and his goal is ensuring that the crypto currency market becomes extremely popular and it can be accessed by almost everyone. This also includes people who have little or no knowledge of this kind of technology or platform.

jubiter review

Essential features of Jubiter Crypto Exchange

Jubiter Crypto Exchange comes with some amazing features and attributes. As a result, it is a good option for users who use the crypto platforms. Mentioned below are some of the most fascinating features of this Jubiter Crypto Exchange:

  • User-friendly interface – Having a user-friendly interface is very useful for the users of the exchange. This helps the users in comfortably viewing, managing and storing their coins. Some of the most important features which are included in the interface are live rates, straightforward converter etc. With such features in place, buying and selling of the coins become easier and convenient. When trading in other platforms, there is lot of stress in buying and selling crypto currencies; in this platform there is no such stress. Jubiter has been developed in such a manner that it is not only suitable for experienced users, but also for first-time users of the platform.
  • Debit and credit card purchase – Digital currencies like Litecoin and Bitcoin can be bought on Jubiter with the help of using debit cards and credit cards. FIAT funds, which are obtained via sales of various kinds of crypto currencies can be sent or transferred to a local bank account. With the help of this step, this tiring process which is involved in transactions on exchanges, which is confined to crypto use solely has been eliminated. Not only this, users are also given permission to engage in some kind of instant transaction of selling, buying and exchange of services.
  • Excellent speed of service of Jubiter – With Jubiter platform, it is possible to sell, purchase and exchange different kinds of crypto currencies as quickly as possible. The transaction which is being taking place is verified within a span of just few seconds. The transactions can be done quite easily and conveniently. Also, they are highly secure in nature. The best thing is that all these facilities come at extremely nominal costs. Users of this particular platform can purchase crypto currencies by using credit cards. The selling of the crypto currencies can also be done through bank transfer. Users are also at a liberty of exchanging Litecoins for Bitcoins and Bitcoins for Litecoins as the need may be. For increasing the speed further and for easing the transactions even more, a new feature will be available soon. There will be a debit card, which will help in making the coins of the users readily available for withdrawing cash from ATM. The debit card will also be used for making daily purchases.
  • Great customer service support – When you are selecting a platform for continuous use for dealing with your money, you must ensure that the platform has great customer service support. Since the thing involves money, you must be more cautious regarding the same. In this regard, Jubiter wallet has fared excellently well with the customer care unit it has. The customer support unit for Jubiter operates on round the clock basis, working 24/7/365. If you take a look at the market in this regard, you will not find many exchanges offering this excellent customer support facility at the moment. The customer support unit of Jubiter can be reached out via various modes. Some of the most common ones among them include email, phone calls or live chat.
  • Registrations and license – Crypto currency is a volatile thing and if you are a careful customer, it is important that you must look out for the different regulations. Users who have used this crypto currency exchange platform opine that Jubiter is one of the most well-regulated wallet services in the crypto currency industry. Another thing which proves the authenticity of Jubiter is that it has a physical office address. Not only this, there are also real phone numbers of the platform, which actually work.

Jubiter Technologies OU are responsible for managing Jubiter Exchange. The registration of the parent company is done in Estonia. Not only this, the company is also regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit in the country. The Exchange service has been licensed for performing crypto to fiat exchanges along with providing a wallet service for crypto.

Registering in Jubiter

It is now clearly understood that for using the Jubiter platform, it is essential that one has to register. And for registering on the platform, it is mandatory to visit the official website of Jubiter. On visiting the website of the platform, the user will be able to reach a page where he will be able to sign up. For that he needs to use his email address. There is a box on the home page, where the email address has to be provided and then one has to click on the “Register Account” button, which is just next to it. On clicking on the button, the user will be taken to a form page, where he will have to input a password and also fill up an eight-digit code. After this, the user has to click on the “Register Button”. Once this step is completed successfully, your registration is done. Now you can proceed for the login.

Purchasing coins from the Jubiter Platform

If you are interested in buying coins on the platform, you have to login into your dashboard by using the registration credentials. Once you get into the dashboard, on the top right corner of the page, you will find the button “Buy Coin”. When you click on the button, you will be directed to a page, where you can input the amount of coin you want to purchase in USD. Immediately, you will be shown the amount of Litecoin or Bitcoin you will receive in exchange. Once you see and check all the figures and seem happy and satisfied with the same, you can click on the ‘Buy’ button, which appears at the lower part of the page.

You will need a verified email address and with the help of this, users will be able to carry out transactions in the range of $50-$200. With the Jubiter platform there is no stress of uploading huge volumes of documents. Also, there is no long waiting time for about 24-48 hours for signing up to the crypto currency platform, before the account is finally verified. On the whole, the entire process at Jubiter is extremely smooth and less time consuming.

Safety of using the Jubiter platform

The platform of  is made in such a manner that it ensures the satisfaction and security of the users in a great manner. Jubiter offers excellent cyber security and third-party audits. Both these works are handled by experts for ensuring a well-secured crypto currency wallet. Along with this, the platform’s accessibility and effectiveness is not hampered in any manner.

A multi-layered security method has been introduced for ensuring the security of the clients and customers. There is complete guarantee that all personal information along with digital assets of the users are completely secured. The user accounts, the architecture of the platform and the points’ access are all involved in ensuring that the platform is completely safe and secured for use.

There are two levels of protection, which are applied for complete safety and security for the user accounts at Jubiter. The first level of protection involves two-factor authentication, which is applicable on all user accounts for preventing attacks from hackers. The second level of protection and security is a 6-digit Jubiter pin access offering an additional level and layer of security to the platform. During the process of registration, users have to put a unique PIN. The PIN is used for confirming different transactions, while using the wallet.


It is true that there are many Crypto currency exchange markets, but all of them are not that reliable and trustworthy. In this regard Jubiter has carved a niche for itself and has amazing features which makes buying, selling and exchanging bitcoins on the platform extremely smooth and successful. An extremely user-friendly platform, it is a great place for experienced users as well as for first timers.


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