Bitcoin Future Review

We all have heard about crypto currency and the crypto currency industry, which is one of the most booming industries lately. Among the various kinds of crypto currencies, Bitcoin needs special mention. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, where there is no involvement of any kind of central bank for making and doing transactions at any point of time. For obvious reasons, it is understood why Bitcoin has created such strong waves and ripples in the industry. Since everything is handled online in this industry, there are no scopes of manual tampering and similar things.

People who are familiar to his industry know as how quickly Bitcoin has carved a niche for itself within a short period of time. Large numbers of merchants are now using Bitcoin as a means of payment and these numbers are increasing with each passing day. There was a time when finding an exchange for purchasing Bitcoin would be difficult. But it is no longer the same now. There are many exchanges from where Bitcoin can be purchased conveniently. Also, Bitcoin is a well-accepted and established crypto currency and is extremely valuable. As a result, this crypto currency has a special reputation in the market.

For trading in crypto currencies, it is very important to have a trading platform. Today, there are many trading platforms available from where you can deal in various kinds of crypto currencies as per your wish and preference. Among many such platforms, Bitcoin Future has made a prominent place. In this review article, we will know in detail about Bitcoin Future and its many important and vital features. When compared to other trading platforms, this platform has many other interesting and important features and hence has become a preferred choice with many Bitcoin traders.

bitcoin future

What is Bitcoin Future?

Bitcoin Future is a BTC trading platform, which is exclusively and comprehensively designed for crypto currency trading. Along with trading in Bitcoin, the platform also supports exchanging of various other kinds of crypto currencies. When it comes to trading signals, the platform offers almost 99.4% accuracy. This is because of the fact that the algorithm that runs on the platform has been developed by experts with great skills and thoughts. This is the reason behind the accuracy as well.

When survey was done, it was found that the members of Bitcoin Future had managed to make minimum $1000 per day without needing too much effort or work input. The same data was reflected by the trading platform as well. The figure is quite impressive and statistically possible as well considering the fact that the membership consists of a group of reserved individuals who agreed to join the BTC returns initiative.

If you thought that for making money on this trading platform, you have to be present on the platform almost all throughout the day, you are highly mistaken. It has been seen that on average members spend just 15-20 minutes per day on the trading platform and that is more than sufficient. The reason for this is that the software has been designed and created in such a manner that it can handle majority of the tasks on its own. Instead of remaining glued to the platform for monitoring various actions, you can spend time with friends and family and the amount of money that you make on the platform gets transferred to your account automatically.

The software Bitcoin Future is programed in such a manner that the system is enabled to read various kinds of financial news and observe intricate market analysis. Thus, the software can take decisions as when to make the best and most profitable investments at a given point of time. When the trade is finally identified, the investment is done automatically. There is no need to do any kind of manual action at all. This trading platform works in partnership with various licensed crypto currency brokers. Various well-known and reputed media houses have featured Bitcoin Future in their publications.

Starting to use Bitcoin Future – the steps which need to be followed

Bitcoin Future trading platform is a simple and convenient one and anyone can use the same. It is not necessary that one has to be a pro to be able to operate this platform. Mentioned below are steps, which need to be followed for starting to use the Bitcoin Future platform:

  • Registering with the platform

In order to start trading on Bitcoin Future platform, it is important to register to the platform. For the process of registration, you have to fill in some basic details in the provided form and an account will be created for you. Highly personal information is never asked by Bitcoin Future at any point of registration. Once the process of registration is complete and successful, you become a member of Bitcoin Future trading platform. And once you become a member, you have the liberty of claiming all the interesting features, which this platform offers to the members. And all these features are free of cost.

  • Making the initial deposit

Whatever be the crypto currency trading platform, it is important to make the initial deposit so that you become actually functional. The same stands true for Bitcoin Future as well. All kinds of investments need capital and with this initial investment, further profits can be made. At the Bitcoin Future platform, the initial deposit which needs to be made is just $250. Once this deposit is made, you can start trading using the platform and earn high profits. When seen intently, it has been observed that this $250 dollars actually remain with the trader only.

  • Finalizing and getting started

Now that your account is created and you have also made the initial deposit of $250 in the account, it is time that you get started with the trading and experience the exciting stuff thoroughly. Start trading via the platform. You will just need to click on the ‘Trade’ button and that’s all. Rest of the job is handled by the excellent algorithm, which is programmed in the software. Also, if you want to handle things on your own manually, there is a Manual option too, which you can choose. You can trade on your own with this option.

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Working of Bitcoin Future

The best thing about Bitcoin Future trading platform is that traders do not need to spend huge amount of time on the software. The designing of the software is done in such a manner that most of the functions are done in an automatic manner. However, there is also provision for carrying out some of the operations manually if you want.

When the trading platform is adjusted to being automatic, the trade settings have to be made as per the preference of the trader. The trading platform will then proceed towards yielding profits, which are strictly based on market analysis. The algorithm which runs in the software takes a look at the most suitable exit point. When the trade is finalized for sure, the trader is able to have the highest profits possible. With this trading platform, incurring losses in Bitcoin trading is almost negligible. Experts have also opined very highly about this platform and for the exceptional algorithm which runs behind the software making it so very efficient.

bitcoin future review

Interesting and prominent features of Bitcoin Future

If you are thinking what is so striking and different about Bitcoin Future, you have to know about its prominent features. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • Implementation of superior technology – Sophisticated technology is used for powering Bitcoin Future. In various tests it has been proved that this software is ahead of the market by 0.01 seconds. The figure might seem insignificant normally, but in the crypto currency market, the figure is kind of time leap which provides great consistency in trading.
  • Accuracy in performance – There are many trading apps which are available and almost all of them are pretty accurate. However, Bitcoin Future comes with an accuracy of 99.4%, which is simply awesome. And this extraordinary target can be achieved with the help of this trading platform. This is one of the reasons why this platform has gained so much of popularity globally. People have claimed that their money had been quadrupled on this platform.
  • The platform which is an award-winner – As already mentioned Bitcoin Future not only claims to lead from the front. There is ample evidence in support of this fact. The platform has been recently awarded by The US Trading Association as the leading and number one trading software in the industry.
  • Expert advice on Bitcoin Future platform – Even if you are a newbie in the world of crypto currency trading, you will not have any problem in getting started with this software. And all this is possible with the help of the customer desk, which is easy to reach at any time of the day. Whatever be your query or your problem, it can be sorted by the various experts of the customer service desk, who are well aware of the complete functioning of the software.
  • Attractive payouts – On Bitcoin Future, the payout system is reliable and highly accurate. Innumerable experts have tried trading on the platform and gained great results. The payout is done on completion of each trading session. The trader can move forward and withdraw the earnings which have been made. It has been seen that earnings of almost $1000 can be achieved on the platform after each trading session.
  • No hidden charges, complete transparency – One of the best things about Bitcoin Future platform is that there is complete transparency when it comes to operations and charges in the platform. The whole system was monitored by experts and they opined confidently that there are no hidden charges whatsoever on Bitcoin Future. Only a commission is charged by the system on the profits which are made by the trader. There is no charge until and unless the robot makes a profit in the account. This transparency is a very positive thing and highly appreciated by all.
  • Has a demo mode – Everyone is not a pro in crypto currency trading. And for them there is a demo mode on Bitcoin Future. With this mode, players can learn about crypto currency trading and understand the various aspects of trading. It also helps in getting familiar with the platform so that once you go to the live mode, you know about the software in detail.
  • Easily navigable and convenient to use – Expecting that everyone is tech-savvy and will be able to run a software is wrong. But anyone who has used Bitcoin Future claim that the platform has a very user friendly interface and it is extremely easy to navigate through the platform. As a result, the platform is suitable for experienced as well as novice traders alike.

Bitcoin Future features

Reducing risks of loss even at Bitcoin Future platform

It is true that with Bitcoin trading, many people have become millionaires within a really short span of time. Infact many people do not even know the functioning of the various crypto currency trading platforms. They just register and deposit the initial amount and sit back and enjoy the money flowing into their account. Using a smart trading platform like Bitcoin Future is also very important.

Experts opine that in the beginning one should always deposit a minimal amount of money in the account. Infact this amount should be such which you might afford to lose. The crypto currency market is extremely volatile and no one has a clue as what can happen. Thus it is always recommended to invest wisely in this industry along with choosing the right trading platform.

It is also important to withdraw the earnings whenever you see that you have reached a considerable amount. Some people keep the money for getting higher payouts, but when a loss is incurred, the whole money goes for a toss. Control your greed and withdraw whenever there is an interesting amount in the account.

Using Bitcoin Future platform has brought many success stories for innumerable traders.

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Bitcoin Era Review                 

Crypto currency has gained immense popularity across the world. We all have heard about Bitcoin, which has made a wave in the world of crypto currency. With this wave, digital currency investments have increased demands today. But to carry on these investments and to manage them, various kinds of trading tools are needed. With the help of these tools, various kinds of crypto currencies can be purchased from different exchanges. Not only this, these tools help in providing assistance to the traders so that they maximum profits can be made from the investments. Also the risk factor is reduced to a great extent with the help of these tools. Among the different kinds of trading tools which are needed for crypto currencies, Bitcoin Era needs special mention. In this review article, we will talk about Bitcoin Era and discuss the important features of this tool in detail so that customers get a fair idea about the tool and can use them as and when required.

bitcoin era uk

What is Bitcoin Era?

As mentioned previously, Bitcoin Era is a trading application, which helps investors in generating profit of thousands of dollars from a small amount of investment. Bitcoin Era is a completely automatic software, which means that anyone can use this app even if they don’t have prior experience of using such app. With this software, it is possible to make thousands of dollars every day. A minimum deposit of just $250 needs to be made to start using the software and the profits made with the use of the software surpass the initial investment amount by multiple times.

The best thing about this amazing crypto currency robot is that it initially analyses the crypto currency market and finds profitable traders. Only after proper analysis, the software performs the transactions. As a result, the chances of risks are very rare and there are minimal scopes of losses as well. However, it is recommended that new users should start in a small manner with the help of this software. Though it is fully automated, yet traders might take some time in getting used to the system initially. And once they are used to it, they can start making great profits with the same. Reports have shown that users have been able to earn as high as 15% of their deposits after every session of trading.

It is interesting to see that such auto trading platforms like Bitcoin Era work in a seamless manner and it can be used by anyone and everyone. Even if someone does not have any knowledge about crypto currency and how this industry works, one can operate the software and learn about the whole thing easily. The best thing is that all the work is done by the automatic robot. You will just need to open the account and make the initial deposit in the account. Then simply sit back and relax and see how the software starts generating excellent profits for you. Sometimes, the percentage of profits is quite enchanting and surprising.

Bitcoin Era has been launched in the year 2019 and automatic trades are placed simultaneously by users bringing them daily profits. This software was developed by a group of Fintech companies. It has been claimed by majority of creators and traders that Bitcoin Era performs trades in the crypto currency industry was faster than most other algorithms. When compared to other average trading software, Bitcoin Era performs split second faster and hence brings in better trading results.

Another great thing about Bitcoin Era is that it is a free software. The brokers who are included in this trading platform are both compliant and regulated and they also have a crucial role in backing the funding of this excellent trading tool and software. However, for using the tool with one of the brokers, the trader has to make an initial deposit of just $250. With this they can get started and then keep on reinvesting the profits for making grander and more profits. Once the robot is turned on, the trader has to just monitor the trades which are made on their behalf. The process is simple and straight forward and very easy to follow.

How does Bitcoin Era function?

Now that we know what the Bitcoin Era software is, it is also important to know that way in which the software functions. High sophisticated technology is used in programming the trading robot Bitcoin Era. A unique algorithm runs on the system and this is what imparts specialty to the software. The developers who have created and developed the trading software guarantee that the robots are made in such a manner that they have the capability of analyzing market trends. Not only this, the software can also analyze potentially profitable signals from the market. When there is detection of any kind of earning opportunity, users who have the live trading feature activated, can make great profits. The deposited funds in the accounts of the traders are used by the trading robot Bitcoin Era for performing the transactions, which seem to be most profitable to the traders.

This might sound simple, but the whole system is backed by professional brokers. The brokers actually monitor the auto trading processes which are carried on by the different trading robots for ensuring that the traders are able to earn good amounts of profits by the time the trading session ends. Experts have opined that Bitcoin Era is one of the fastest auto trading systems now available in the market. However, the fact remains that the crypto currency market is extremely volatile. Thus, it is recommended that you must invest funds in this industry, which you can afford to lose. However, the chances of making profits are much higher with Bitcoin Era.

  • The algorithm which runs on Bitcoin Era

Analyzing the algorithm which runs on Bitcoin Era is extremely interesting. Like all other trading platforms, Bitcoin Era also has a unique and special algorithm, which makes crypto currency trading all the more profitable and convenient.

Experts have opined that the algorithm which is used in Bitcoin Era is quite similar to that of FOREX trading platforms. The algorithm is developed and created in such a manner that it can analyze huge market data in a span of few seconds only. The result, which is obtained from this analysis is then processed by the trading robot. Profitable trades are then performed for the account owners and the sum of the profit gets deposited in the account of the trader. The algorithm is programmed in such a manner that profitable trading pairs can easily be found and proper trading can be done for maximum profits.

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Important features of Bitcoin Era

Mentioned below are some of the most important features of Bitcoin Era.

  • Different kinds of crypto currencies – Bitcoin is the crypto currency, which has the best of results with almost all trading robots, including Bitcoin Era. But one can choose from other varieties of altcoins as well. Some of these include Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum etc. It is also possible to trade in BTCEUR and BTCUSD as trading pairs with Bitcoin Era.
  • The profit obtained is real – It has been seen that on using Bitcoin Era platform, it is possible to obtain a profit in between $1250-$2500 USD on weekly basis. This is because of the fact that Bitcoin Era was not run for more than half an hour per day, because of the volatile times that Boitcoin was facing. The profit that is obtained is absolutely real and the percentage figure of 82% is completely realistic success rate.
  • The verification system is friendly and safe – Personal user information like name, credit card etc. are the basis on which the verification system works for Bitcoin Era. No kinds of complicated documents are required for the same like in many other trading tools. It is mandatory that ID has to be furnished and submitted for withdrawal of the profit amount. This is done as Bitcoin Era is 100% compliant against anti-money laundering.
  • Deposits and withdrawals are both quick – Whether you want to deposit money to your account or withdraw money from the same, the process for the same is really fast and quick. It takes approximately 24-36 hours for the processing. And it is needless to say that the processing is hassle-free and very quick.
  • Efficient payouts – It is interesting to note that Bitcoin Era has a withdrawal policy of up to 36 hours. If you wish to withdraw funds from your Bitcoin Era account, the money should be there in your bank account or in the credit card of your preference within a time span of 36 hours.
  • Safe and proficient brokers – Bitcoin Era does all the operations automatically and directly through online brokers. This is not only highly effective, but has a direct impact on the success of the operations that are done. Moreover, the brokers are absolutely safe and free from any kind of scam or scandal in this industry.

Bitcoin era

Advantages of Bitcoin Era

There are many benefits of advantages of using Bitcoin Era for crypto currency trading. Some of the most important and prominent ones are as follows:

  • Profit percentage is very high – With almost 88% scope of performing successful operations, this trading robot provides opportunity of performing many operations at the same time. By making minimum deposition of just $250, it is possible to make up to 10 transactions differently. Also, there is high probability of being successful in minimum 8 of the transactions.
  • Suitable for all kinds of users – This is a specialty of Bitcoin Era. The algorithm used in this software is an extremely complicated one and it performs very interesting functions as per experts of crypto currency trading. But the interface of the software is a simple one and easily navigable at the same time. Thus, even novices and first timers can use the software easily without any complications. Infact it is also possible to learn about Bitcoin trading with this software Bitcoin Era. Initially one just needs to register and configure the account, which takes about 30 minutes or so. Once that is done, the whole process is carried out by the robot. No manual monitoring and controlling is required henceforth.
  • Information for convenience of the user – There is an option of a demo account in the software so that one can be made familiar to the platform before finally registering for the account. Along with the demo account, there is also facility of tutorials for helping and educating users so that they can learn in details about the world of crypto currency trading.
  • Dedicated customer service – This customer service is a very special one indeed because it not only offers all the assistance and help that is required, but there is also a live chat option available 24/7/365. Thus, one can make enquiries in case of doubt at any time of the day on round the clock basis.

Creating an account on Bitcoin Era

Creating an account on Bitcoin Era is quite simple and hassle free process. Mentioned below are the steps in the same:

  • Registration – For this, one has to visit the official website of Bitcoin Era and reach the home page. There is a form available on the home page where details need to be filled up. These details include your name, a password which needs to be created, phone number and email id. With all these details, the account gets registered and one gets connected to a broker.
  • Familiarizing with the platform – Browse through the platform and understand how it works. Check your profile and account and the dashboard thoroughly.
  • Demo and live trading – If you are new and looking to learn, go to demo trading. However, if you are ready for the show, go to live trading and you can start making profits.
  • Making deposits – Real money has to be deposited so that you can start using the live account and earn profits through Bitcoin trading with Bitcoin Era. Moderate investment of $250 has to be made to start trading.

The software is reliable and you can make great profits with the same.

bitcoin era review

Crypto Genius Review

Digital currency investments have become extremely popular all across the world. Various kinds of trading tools are available for carrying out these investments. With the introduction of crypto currencies, investors from all over the world are taking advantage of the various opportunities which come with these digital currencies. Bitcoin, for instance, is the most commonly known crypto currency and this can be bought directly from some exchange. Others choose to trade crypto CFDs for they are convenient and simple to use. With increasing demands of these crypto currencies, it has become obvious that various services and products have emerged in its reference. Infact there are various software as well as tools, which help in providing assistance to traders so that they can make maximum profits from their investments while the risks involved become minimal. Among the different tools and products available for trading crypto currencies, Crypto Genius needs special mention. In this article, we will review the whole product in detail so that it is helpful for customers.

crypto genius

What is Crypto Genius?

As mentioned previously, Crypto Genius is a software. It runs a trading algorithm, which helps one in trading Bitcoin or other kinds of similar crypto currencies in various financial markets. The software is kind of a robot, which actually has high-frequency trading strategies programed in the same so that trading opportunities can be marked. Once this is done, one can make great profits from the ups and downs of the crypto markets.

One of the best things about Crypto Genius is that it is completely automated. As a result, even if you are completely novice about the crypto market and industry, you will have no problem. People with zero experience have also been able to trade successfully with the help of this trading bot. The best thing is that when a survey and research was done on Crypto Genius, many people opined positively that the software helped them in making good money every day. Infact there is authentic confirmation that people are making few thousands of dollars every day with the help of the bot. Along with professional traders, many people like CEOs, single moms, housewives, college goers etc. are making good amounts of money with this software.

Since Crypto Genius is an automated software, it comes with many benefits and advantages. The first is that it is extremely easy and simple to use. Even a first time user can operate the software without any problems. Also since the bot is automated, there is no need to spend uncountable hours for management of the accounts and for watching the moves of the market. In a day, just few minutes need to be spared for setting of the trading parameters in the correct manner. You have to set as how much investment you want to do per trade. Moreover, it is important to decide on the cryptos on which you need to trade. All the other jobs and works further will be done by Crypto Genius.

If a trade is pinpointed which is completely in sync with your trading parameters, the bot will begin executing the trade without any kind of intervention from your end. Thus, with automated trading you can be relaxed that you can make money even when you are asleep. Also since the whole thing runs by a bot, there is no place for any kind of emotional interferences. Also, there is no chance of slip by the software and it works in the perfect manner. When trading id done via a trading bot like Crypto Genius, the whole process is based on fact and data. The algorithm detects the data and this data is then used for profit making purpose.

Another excellent advantage of Crypto Genius software is that there is no need of downloading any kind of software for running the bot. It is an intuitive web-trader and hence there is no need for any kinds of system updates and all.

How does Crypto Genius function? Working of the trading software

The functioning of Crypto Genius is quite fascinating and interesting. The robot is based on advanced algorithms, which help in headhunting the best and the most profitable trades in the whole financial market. Once hunted, the bot also makes the trades automatically. The strategies, which are applied in the algorithms are basically used in high-frequency trading in stock markets and forex markets. In the strategies large quantities of historical, big data are used for making informed trading decisions. It has been seen that the accuracy of these trading algorithms are way better than human analysts. Along with accuracy, there is another point which also needs special mention here. The robots are automated and hence they can analyze massive volumes of data within a fraction of a second. Once that is done, the trade process can be executed. It saves great amounts of time and energy.

When it comes to Crypto Genius, the bot uses technical as well as fundamental analysis for making trading decisions. In technical analysis, trading options are mainly based on historical data. However, in case of fundamental analysis, the thing is little different. The analysis is done when the robot is able to identify tradable news. In case this gets identified, this is analyzed further.

The Crypto Genius software comes with South Korean Fiber Optic technology. As a result, it works with amazing speed and is regarded as one of the fastest in the industry. The speed is blazing indeed at 150 petabits x kilometer. The software has a deadly combination of 98% accurate algorithm and lightning speed. Thus, now it is quite understood as how users are able to make such huge amounts of money.

There is another prominent feature present in Crypto Genius, which is a very crucial point. The algorithm used in the software enters the market and trades almost 0.39 seconds quicker than any other software in the whole industry. Traders can decipher the meaning of this sentence in the best manner. Before the market moves in some direction, the bot can identify that and can actually open a trade before it actually happens. The result is that trading success is guaranteed with the help of this software.

The Crypto Genius

Accurate trades can be made more often with Crypto Genius

We all know by now that high-frequency and accurate trading can help in making great deal of profits. The sole reason behind this is that there is capitalization on each and every chance and opportunity that comes in the markets. The software always carries out its task of scanning the financial markets thoroughly so that trading opportunities are found at the earliest. Once the opportunities are located, the bot will trade at least one of the options automatically. Since the software is making accurate trades, chances and potential of profits are quite high and limitless.

Some prominent key features of Crypto Genius bot

It has already been said and discussed that Crypto Genius comes with various attractive key features, which can actually help in boosting trading success to a great extent. Some of the most prominent key features of Crypto Genius are as follows:

  • Completely automated trading – This is probably one of the most interesting and best features of Crypto Genius. There is no need of manually analyzing the markets for finding profitable trading opportunities. Crypto Genius plays a pivotal role in carrying out the process of analysis for the customer. Then automatically the trade opens up for the customer. Even if you are sleeping or resting or playing, the bot keeps on doing its job and helps you in making money.
  • Extremely easy and convenient to use – It has been already mentioned in the review that Crypto Genius is extremely easy and convenient to use. Anyone and everyone can run and use this simple software. Even if you are a first-timer or a novice in this field and have never done any kind of trading online, even then you can operate this bot. Infact you don’t even need to have any kind of experience of the crypto currency market. With the bot, you can just trade and make money even while sleeping.
  • Absolutely free of charge – There is no option for making any kind of payment for accessing the Crypto Genius software. Accessing the software is completely out of charge. There are no commissions or any kind of hidden fee which comes with the software.
  • Withdrawal process is easy and streamlined – When it comes to the withdrawal process via Crypto Genius, the process is easy to do and extremely streamlined at the same time. Once the withdrawal request is completed, one gets the invested funds back in a period of 24 hours. However, there is small twist in this regard. Getting the funds back is quite deeply related to the way in which the initial deposit was made. There might be some delay because of the banking institution. Hence it is recommended to talk to the bank as well in this regard.
  • Excellent customer service and support – Crypto Genius has an excellent customer support team. The team is not only very helpful, it is highly professional in its attitude. Also it is highly responsive. In case of any problems or queries, they can be contacted and they assist the customers with all kinds of queries.
  • Verification process – The verification process at Crypto Genius is simple and secure and takes place on the website of the bot directly. Once the initial sign-up process is completed, the email address of the customer needs to be verified. A confirmation email is sent to your email id for verifying the details. The safety of the users online is taken care of very well.

crypto genius review

Signing up and registering an account with Crypto Genius

If you are looking to sign up and register an account with Crypto Genius, you can do it all by yourself in the most hassle free manner. Also, opening the account is simply free of charge. It has been seen that with each passing day, the size of the Crypto Genius family is constantly increasing. The process of sign up is not only easy and convenient, it is highly safe and secure at the same time. User data as well as website data is protected. This is the reason the software has SSL certification.

For signing up with Crypto Genius, these easy steps need to be followed:

  • Sign up – The official website of Crypto Genius needs to be visited. There is a short registration form which needs to ne filled up accordingly. Personal information is needed to be furnished for the sign up process. These include the likes of full name, full location with country and code, email id and telephone number. An account will be formed and you will be asked to create a password for the same. This completes registration with Crypto Genius.
  • Deposit making – Once the account is opened and signup is complete, one moves towards the trading dashboard. You have to add some capital to your account so that you can start playing. Minimum deposit of just $250 is needed so that you can start playing at the earliest. This amount is the trading capital for trading cryptos. This fund can be withdrawn at any time. There are different ways in which one can make deposits in the account at Crypto Genius. In case of a problem, the support staff can be of help and will provide the required assistance.
  • Demo account – Crypto Genius offers a demo trading account so that one can understand the ways of the process from this. The account works with virtual funds so that the software can be tested risk-free. The cash remains as it is and there is no loss of the hard earned cash. The demo account is a great place for familiarizing oneself with the software.
  • Start live trading – Once everything is done, the live trading platform can be accessed where automatically trades will open depending on your trading parameters. Since it is automated, nothing needs to be done Just wait and watch the profits made!

Earn thousands of dollars by registering with Crypto Genius

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review

You must have heard about the crypto industry. Well, if you haven’t, just check on the internet. In the last 2-3 years, this industry has helped in generating large numbers of millionaires when compared to other industries and sectors. In the present date, there is a very strong global movement which has people who have become overly rich through cryptos trading. The trading is actually done through various kinds of trading robots. The main aim of the robots is helping people to join this movement so that they can become crypto millionaires. Though there are questions about the authenticity and legitimacy of these robots, it is recommended to read about them in details and then take a final decision. Among the different kinds of crypto robots, Bitcoin Lifestyle needs special mention. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the robot and then you can decide if you should invest in the same or not.

Bitcoin Lifestyle

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle actually?

Bitcoin Lifestyle is a trading software, which has been developed by some of the best crypto traders of the world. These traders have implemented their intelligence and experience in the software to make it effective and fruitful. To be put in simple terms, this software is an algorithm which is coded using the various trading strategies of the most well-known and revered crypto millionaires.

Bitcoin Lifestyle, the robot has the capacity of reading big data both at fundamental and technical level. Once the reading of the data is complete, the software automatically executes the various insights which they obtain from this data. For the record, it has been seen that when the software does technical analysis, it analyses tens of thousands of diagrams and charts for studying and understanding various patterns. By using the analysis of these charts, the software can predict the market direction, which is very important for the investors of the crypto industry.

The whole process which is mentioned above takes place within a timespan of one microsecond. Hence the robot is able to capitalize on the smallest of the market movements, which take place.

Natural Language Processing technology is used by Bitcoin Lifestyle for reading tradable news and tweets from various authoritative and genuine sources and act on them. We all know that various tweets from Donald Trump are shaking up the markets every now and then. In such a situation, trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle robot is the best thing to do.

Experts opined that they followed the performance of Bitcoin Lifestyle in the latest Trump outburst regarding cryptos. The performance of the robot was simply splendid. The robot pointed towards a short-selling strategy, which reported to have profitability of almost about 200%. It was seen that a trading account, which had a stake of $250, could generate up to $800 within a span of less than 10 minutes or so. In the crypto industry, highly volatile market events are quite common. This is clear indication to the fact that traders can make such profits now and then provided they are well aware of the market conditions and situations.

What is the process in which Bitcoin Lifestyle operates?

As it has already been mentioned above, Bitcoin Lifestyle is a piece of trading software, which helps in speculating on cryptos with a win rate of almost 90%, which is simply incredible. When traders have such a high win rate guarantee, the profit percentage shoots up to almost 50% every day. In case of a live test on Bitcoin Lifestyle, it was seen that with a deposit of $250, it was possible to generate a profit of $149 in a period of 8 hours of trading. Many traders reported a profit of up to almost $200 from the same amount of investment which was made.

The best thing is that the Bitcoin Lifestyle robot is completely automatic. This means that even if a trader is not a professional in this field, it does not matter in any way. Anyone can use the software. You just have to set up an account and make a deposit of an amount. Once that is done, the robot does all the other tasks for you. You just have to click the live button and you will be able to see as how money flows into your account. When the live test was going on, almost $33 were made in the initial five minutes of trading.

Many people think that Bitcoin Lifestyle is a crypto broker, but it is actually not so in any way. The robot is just a tool, which helps in making good profits when trading is done through specified and particular brokers. Consequently, Bitcoin Lifestyle collaborates with various brokers. The brokers with which this software work have been confirmed to be completely authentic and legit. When one works with a regulated broker, there is complete guarantee that the money remains protected even if the broker gets bankrupt.

It is also for the information of the customers that Bitcoin Lifestyle has no role in handling client’s money whatsoever. All the deposits which are made through the broker actually go to the underlying broker. The function of a robot broker is executing the orders from the robot and facilitating the transactions.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Review

How to get started with Bitcoin Lifestyle?

If you think that starting with Bitcoin Lifestyle is an arduous and difficult task, you are highly mistaken. You will just need few minutes for opening the account and setting up the web-trader. Once done, you can begin trading Bitcoin Lifestyle. The only problem is that this robot is available in only few countries. Not all countries of the world have the access of using this trading software.

If it is available in your country, follow the following steps for getting started with Bitcoin Lifestyle:

  • Step 1 – Creating an Account

For creating an account, you have to visit the official website of Bitcoin Lifestyle and go to its home page. There is a form right on the home page, where you will have to fill up your name, email id and phone number. You will be needed to create a strong password for the account as well. Having a unique password will ensure that your account will remain safe and there will be no chances of hacking. This whole process is not time consuming and gets done within a few minutes.

Experts opine that Bitcoin Lifestyle is a highly safe and secured software. The platform is safe for all kinds of transactions as it comes with encryption and all well-defined data protection. Also the website is SSL secured. The best thing is that the company has data protection policy. This means that they do not share any kind of data without seeking proper permission from the owners.

  • Step 2 – Getting linked to a broker

After creation of the account is complete, you will be connected to a broker automatically with rules and regulations which are applicable in your jurisdiction. There is no doubt or second thoughts about the fact that the brokers who are in a partnership with Bitcoin Lifestyle are highly reputable and adequately regulated.

Now that you get linked with the best brokers, Bitcoin Lifestyle shares data of the investors and customers with the brokers. But there is no need to worry at all as all the brokers linked to the software are extremely well regulated. There is also confirmation that most of them are compliant to data protection laws such as the GDPR.

  • Step 3 – Minimum deposit of $250

A minimum trading capital of just $250 is needed to trade with this robot. This amount is regarded as the seed capital and is not the license fee. Bitcoin Lifestyle is currently a free robot, which actually makes money by taking charges as a small commission on the amount of profits which are being made through the software.

However, there are strong thoughts from the end of the company who have made this robot that there will be introduction of license fee soon. However, till before that, accounts can be opened for free of cost and hence experts opine that till the time the license is fee, the account can be opened.

It is very important to note by all the investors that all the funds, which are deposited via Bitcoin Lifestyle get transferred to the underlying broker. It has already been mentioned previously that these brokers have to abide by some kind of law adhering to strict deposit protection guidelines. As a result, the invested money is safe with the brokers.

  • Step 4 – Real Time Trading

Once you make the deposit, the Bitcoin Lifestyle web-trader will be available. When live trading with the robot starts, it will involve setting the amount or the capital that you can risk per trade and then you need to click the live button. There is complete confirmation from the experts that the whole process is quite straightforward and simple.

For further information it has been known that Bitcoin Lifestyle has a risk management feature and this feature helps in specifying the amount of cash you are willing to stake per round of trade. Greater the value of the risk, higher are the chances of blowing the account after just a few trades.

It is highly recommended that one should not risk more than 10% of the capital per trade. There is certain amount of risk involved in trading with Bitcoin Lifestyle. Therefore it has been advised to invest only an amount which you can afford to lose. The best thing is to start in a small manner and gradually grow in the trade by reinvesting the earnings.

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Important tips which can help in making more money with Bitcoin Lifestyle

Bitcoin Lifestyle has become a coveted way of making money for many people. There are some excellent tips, which can be explored for earning more with Bitcoin Lifestyle. They are as follows:

  • Trading the US markets is a great idea – Experts have opined that the US markets are the most volatile ones. This means that these markets provide the best opportunities for making money to investors. Bitcoin Lifestyle robot is completely automatic, which means that once it is set it will keep working in its own way. Infact people have been seen to set the robot and go to sleep when they are not in the US time zone. The bot keeps on working in the way it should.
  • Following market news closely – It is very important to follow the crypto industry closely for understanding the changes that are coming. One must also read the various kinds of news for determining the market events, which might lead to triggering of high volatility. It must be ensured that the Bitcoin Lifestyle robot is running at this moment and market events so that it can collect appropriate data and work in the right manner.
  • Begin in a small manner – We all have heard of the great profits which are made with the help of Bitcoin Lifestyle. But at the same time, it is advised to refrain from greed and start making investments on a small scale. This will not only give peace of mind, but you will also get abundant time in understanding as how the robot responds to various market events. It is best if the account can be grown gradually. Once settled, the money can be reinvested for making further profits.

The final conclusion about Bitcoin Lifestyle

It is needless to say that Bitcoin Lifestyle can be considered as a highly trustworthy robot. Also, results have shown that it is consistently profitable when used in the right manner. Information has been gathered from various authentic and genuine sources that it is possible to make minimum $100 per day if a deposit of $250 is made using this particular robot. The best thing is that using the robot is extremely simple and even a novice in this industry can operate the same without any problem. Once the account is set, the investor has to click on the live button and the account needs to be monitored for the flow of money.

Bitcoin Lifestyle Reviews

Moon Bitcoin Review

moon bitcoin

 There are those who do not deal with Bitcoins, and there are those who love trading in Bitcoins and mining bitcoins. Then there are those who border in between, would like to trade in bitcoins but at the same time are skeptical about it or do not know how and where to start. For those who are on the crossroads about adopting Bitcoins and for those who love to earn bonus bitcoins, here’s Moon Bitcoin, a free bitcoin faucet. A bitcoin faucet is a unique, rewarding system that offers Satoshis as rewards on completing specific tasks or CAPTCHA’s as described by the websites or apps. Satoshi is one-hundred-millionth of 1 Bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC) and is named after the creator of Bitcoins. With a revenue-model to generate revenue out of advertisements, this free faucet works only when the user allows advertisements to auto play.

Even though the rewards being dished out are tiny denominations of BTC, this platform is still viewed by some as a gimmick, whereas, in reality, this platform not only helps the new user to start trading in bitcoins, it also helps build a healthy traffic to various websites and apps, the leading advertisers on this platform.

Let’s take a deep-dive into how Moon bitcoin works; it’s pro’s and con’s

What is a Bitcoin

Let’s start with the first things first and understand what a bitcoin is. In simple words, a Bitcoin is a form of digital cash that is stored in one’s digital wallet app on a smartphone or computer. A type of a cryptocurrency that does not require any central bank of single administrator, this digital currency can be transferred from one peer to another within the cryptocurrency network without the need for an intermediary. Each transaction of bitcoin is recorded in a public ledger called the Blockchain. Founded by Satoshi Nakamoto and being in the market for about ten years, the actual value of each bitcoin is determined by the number of users that are willing to accept bitcoins as a mode of payment, thus, leading to the fluctuation of the value of each bitcoin from day to day. With a large number of Governments not legalizing Bitcoins as a mode of payment, the acceptance rate for the same seems to have decreased in comparison to its early days of introduction.

What is Moon Bitcoin

The most fundamental question that needs to be answered here is what is Moon Bitcoin. Moon Bitcoin is one of the most popular bitcoin faucets, primarily because while most other faucets dish out bonuses claims on an hourly basis or, in some cases, daily, Moon Bitcoin allows users to claim these bonuses as and when they please, sometimes as frequent as every 5 minutes. However, there are two facets one needs to keep in mind while claiming these bonuses.

  • At the start, the faucet fills faster. However, the value of the reward when claimed is minimal
  • As the faucet fills up, the value keeps increasing; however, the faucet takes longer to fill.

So, depending on what the user wants to claim multiple rewards in a day of small denominations or wants to make the big kill once a day, the choice is entirely theirs.

One of the most reputable and highest traffic generating faucet, Moon Bitcoin manages to create a win-win for not only themselves but also for the users and the advertisers. While the users are guaranteed payouts, thanks to the revenue made out of advertisers, the advertisers reap rich dividends through traffic generated on their platform, leading to even greater investment in advertisements on moon bitcoin, making the loop larger and larger.

For transacting on Moon Bitcoin, depending upon where one wishes to withdraw their rewards from, it is mandatory to sign up with a Bitcoin wallet or CoinPot email address.

Moon Bitcoin Bonuses

To attract more users and help users increase their claim amounts by as much as 500%, Moon Bitcoin offers four unique bonus options. Explained below are the four options available for the users with a brief description of them

  • Daily Loyalty Bonus: One of the easiest ways for anyone to increase their rewards is to claim their rewards on Moon Bitcoin at least once a day. With an increased rate of 1% a day, a user can double their rewards by the 100th consecutive day of claiming their rewards on Moon Bitcoin. Capped at 100%, one can continue to claim double the rewards if one continues to redeem their rewards every single day post that. However, if one forgets to claim on any single day, the counter resets, and the user would then again need to start from 0 an build up their rewards to 100% levels.
  • Referral Bonus: Piggybacking on the oldest and most reliable way of increasing the user base, Moon Bitcoin incentivizes its users to refer and bring on more users to their platform. A user can simply encourage all in his / her network to register on Moon Bitcoin and transact on this platform to earn a referral bonus. Not only will the user receive a 50% lifetime commission on all the faucet claims of those they referred, but they also stand to earn a 1% bonus for every active referral on the platform. Capped once again at 100%, the user can technically double their claimed rewards simply by having 100 or more active users on the platform. The only condition that applies is that all those users one referrer should have requested at least one faucet in the past 72 hours for them to be considered as active users. It can’t get simpler to double your rewards. References can be made using two of the strongest social platforms, Twitter and Facebook, take a pick.
  • Offer Bonus: As the concept of faucets go, every user that completes a survey or offers get rewarded for doing so on Moon Bitcoin. In addition to the rewards already earned, one also gets to earn additional 5% bonus for every survey or offer they have completed in the past 30 days from the date when they are claiming their rewards. Once again capped at 100%, one can technically double their reward only by ensuring they have completed at least 20 surveys or offers in the past 30 days from the day they wish to claim their bonus. Can it get any sweeter than this, one wonders?
  • Mystery Bonus: If one thought it couldn’t get any better, think again. Not only does Moon Bitcoin offer one with various options to earn their bonuses, but they also offer you bonuses without even you asking for them. The Mystery bonus tests one’s luck and, at the time of claiming the reward, adds additional awards to the basket ranging unto 100%. One can always thank their stars later.

While there are the four bonuses that are running on the platform as of now, there could be more bonuses that keep getting added or removed, depending upon the need from time to time. Do watch out for more offers that get published on their website

With these offers put together, if one wishes to and is willing to invest time and effort, one can easily claim bonuses unto 500% of their rewards earned. That’s the power of Moon Bitcoin that also makes it one of the most frequented platforms for users who frequent bitcoin faucets.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Moon Bitcoin

Like almost every other product or service available today, Moon bitcoin also enjoys specific advantages as well as weaknesses, explaining why they are ranked 5705 in the Global Ranking, seeing their ups and downs in the Alexa traffic ranking. Exploring some of those reasons below:

Strengths of Moon Bitcoin

  • With a relatively simple website, with English, as the language used, Moon Bitcoin makes the user experience simple and is very easy to understand how the system works.
  • With no initial fee to be paid, there are no entry barriers to registering on Moon Bitcoin. Enter your CoinPod email address or Bitcoin wallet, as simple as that to sign in to Moon Bitcoin.
  • With various bonuses up for grabs for all the users, it is one of the most lucrative offers one can get not just to double one’s rewards but increase them exponentially. Redeem your rewards as little as once a day to be eligible for the daily bonus as well as Mystery bonus.
  • With the simplistic approach taken to explain the rewards system and to transact, Moon Bitcoin helps introduce many users to the world of Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies.
  • With one of the highest traffic generators amongst the Bitcoin Faucets, Moon Bitcoin is one of the most robust concerning revenue generations, leading to more guarantee to honoring the redemptions in comparison to many in this field.
  • With the largest number of active users on the platform, Moon Bitcoin also is an excellent platform for advertisers to advertise and spend more on advertisements on this platform, helping them not only to generate more traffic on their platform but also earn through the traffic that gets created on their websites or apps through Moon Bitcoin.

Weaknesses of Moon Bitcoin

  • With Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to legalized in many countries, the law could become a huge barrier for new users to register on moon Bitcoin.
  • With advertisements being one of the significant sources of revenue for Moon Bitcoin, it is mandatory for users to view ads and cannot block them. This could get hard on the users, sometimes leading them even to stop using the platform.
  • With the ad blockers turned off for one to transact on Moon Bitcoin, one could end up wasting a lot of time viewing these advertisements, which also could result in a huge turnoff.
  • With constant advertisements playing at regular intervals, they could also result in the overall slowing down of the website and, in some cases, the whole system itself.
  • Since the rewards are based on the traffic and number of advertisers on the platform, there could be a huge amount of fluctuation on the reward one earns from time to time, this could also lead to dissatisfaction amongst the users.
  • Like any other technology, Moon Bitcoin too experiences inevitable technological blips, as per specific reviews from customers, where they were unable to claim their rewards, leading to their loyalty bonus resetting to ‘0’.
  • Also listed on some other reviews by the users is the difficulty of earning rewards on Moon Bitcoin, unless one has a few referrals listed.
  • With the bonuses shelled out as Satoshi, the amount of Bitcoin one earns as rewards could be minimal, which could lead to disappointment amongst new users.

Registered as early as 2014, Moon Bitcoin is doing wonders in the world of Cryptocurrency faucets, and rightfully so. Despite its various pros and cons, it is one of the most popular platforms for users as well as advertisers alike. With time in hand and if one does not mind watching advertisements, this platform is one of the best to help earn extra rewards. This only gets supplemented if one has a robust network that too believes in cryptocurrencies and in earning natural rewards at the end of the day, who will say no to extra rewards, after all.

Bitcoin Trader Review – Double, Triple and Quadruple Your Money

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is a form of electronic cash. It is a digital currency without a centralized bank and an administrator. Bitcoin bought into existence by an unknown person using the name Satoshi Nakamoto, later released as an open source software in 2009. The symbol of Bitcoin is ₿. There are a lot of earning opportunities from bitcoin trading. Cryptocurrencies are accessible 24/7, and with the right trading account, you can double, triple, and quadruple you’re hard earned money. The reliable way to do this is via Bitcoin Trader.

bitcoin trader

Benefits of Bitcoin

  • No exchange borders

Since Bitcoin exists digitally, you can send and receive money anywhere around the world. With Bitcoin, you also don’t have to worry about limitations for transferring money. There are no bank holidays or crossing borders that will restrict you from sending and receiving payment.

  • Low transaction charge

As Bitcoin has no central authority figure, no one else but you are in control of your money. Another benefit is Bitcoin has protection from vendors that want to charge extra. Since vendors cannot charge from the customer unnoticed, they must talk with the customer before adding any additional charges. Usually, the fees depend on the exchange; you are charged little to no fees within Bitcoin payments.

  • It’s super safe

We can also back up bitcoin and encrypt them to make sure that the users’ money is safe. Personal information is not necessary when it comes to transactions. This helps to protect the consumer against identity theft. Another beautiful advantage of Bitcoin is low fees.

The Bitcoin Trader does the equal amount of research in minutes, and no effort is required you’re your end. As you may have heard, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, and our software process the transaction quickly compared to the manual traders.

People who became rich because of trading Bitcoin:

A Bitcoin Trader is commonly known as someone who buys and sells cryptocurrencies in exchanges as a profession.

Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem is one amongst the youngest millionaire from Bitcoin. Initially, Shrem purchased Bitcoins for 3–4 dollars. He bought a few thousand more when it reached 20 dollars. Later, he organized Bitinstant- a physical store where one could buy Bitcoins. Bitinstant, at the moment, serves as an exchange platform.

Winklevoss brothers

The Winklevoss brothers were one of the earliest bitcoin investors, their patience, initial investments, trust on this new technology paid off and they managed to become the first ever bitcoin millionaires.

There are many such examples of millionaires from bitcoin trading. Owing to its simplicity and protection, Bitcoin made its breakthrough in the cryptocurrency. Given the growing cryptocurrency trading ecosystem, bitcoin auto-trading robots are being developed to ease the stress of trading and increase profits.

Famous people views on Bitcoin

  • Bill Gates- (Co-founder of company Microsoft): “Bitcoin is interesting because it demonstrates how inexpensive it can be. Bitcoin is proving better than regular currency in that one need not have to be actually in the same location and, of course, for large trading transactions, currency can get rather inconvenient.
  • Richard Branson – (Founder of company Virgin Galactic, and 400+ business groups): “Well, I think it is serving. There may be few other currencies like it that may be even immeasurable. But in the meanwhile, there’s a big business around Bitcoin. — Investors have made lots of Bitcoin, and some even have lost money. It is volatile, but smart traders make money off of volatility too.”
  • Eric Schmidt – (Executive Chairman of company Google):“[Bitcoin] is an exceptional cryptographic performance… The ability to produce something which cannot be duplicable in the digital business has tremendous value…Lots of people will develop businesses on ahead of that.”
  • Nassim Taleb(Statistician, a past trader and risk analyst): “Bitcoin is the start of something vast: a currency superficially with no government, something essential and compelling.”

Bitcoin Trader

The Bitcoin Trader is a community reserved exclusively to traders who invested on the enormous returns that Bitcoin offers and have amassed a fortune in doing so.

Every month members of Bitcoin Trader enjoy retreats around the world while they make money with few minutes on their Laptop. It’s all that simple.

Bitcoin traders interface

Why should you trade using Bitcoin Trader?

  1. Laser accurate performance

Bitcoin Trader can proudly say that there is no other brokering and trading application in the world that works at the 99.4% level of exactitude as we hit.

Our members from around the world believe in us to double, triple, and quadruple their hard-earned money.

  1. Superior Technology

Our Bitcoin Trader software is built using the most advanced trading programming the world has ever seen. The Bitcoin software runs 0.01 seconds ahead of the markets time. For all those who know about trading, you know this is a huge deal. This time duration makes our software the most consistent trading application in the world.

  1. Award-winning trading App

Our Bitcoin trader app has won several awards. Noticeably, we were recently honored as #1 in the trading software category for the US Trading Association. This is a proud milestone for us.

Hence it is obvious that The Bitcoin Trader is the best choice for your bitcoin trading in the planet.

How to open a Bitcoin trader account?

Bitcoin Trader Account

How does the Bitcoin trader robot work? It is effortless, and a quite popular question. The one thing you should know is that it can work independently from user inputs.

A person does not control it; it is 100% automatized, once the registration is done and the account is created by making a deposit, your work is done. All that you need to do from then is check your account and make changes to the trading settings if necessary. It will take 20 minutes maximum.

Once done, activate the auto-trading mode. What the trading app will do correctly is work as an investor and place the number of trades you said you wanted.

The software uses statistics and course progressions to ensure this happens. That means that before starting to buy and sell Bitcoin, the software’s algorithm is designed to scan market data for relevant information.

Start trading using the Bitcoin Trader app. follow the steps below.

Step 1: Fill out the registration form

To register, click the link, you need to fill out some necessary information of yourself in this step like full name and email address. Click “next,” and you will be asked to set a password. Make sure your password is strong enough (not less than six characters, which should include both letters and numbers).one final step in this part is you should select your country and provide your phone number. This process will not take more than 1-2 minutes. Once your account is registered, you will become a new member of The Bitcoin Trader. You will then get to claim our proprietary bitcoin trading software for free.

Step 2: Fund your account

Having finished the registration process detailed in Step 1, you will be logging into your account using the details you provided in the registration. Now, this is the best part to multiply your money. You will need to fund your trading account. 250$ is the minimum amount required to start your trading.

The website accepts different forms of payment methods. Deposits can be made via any payment card. To make a payment, you will be asked to fill in the card number, card type (MasterCard, Maestro, or Visa), the validity period, and security code. The payment gateway for online transactions uses SSL to prevent any theft of financial information. You will not be requested for the ID scan and bank statements.

Step 3: Demo Trading

The Bitcoin Trader software offers you the option to trade in demo mode. We always recommend users to execute the demo trade because it gives them the confidence by gaining the first-hand experience on how it would be like to trade on the Bitcoin Trader platform with real money. The demo trading account gives you a glimpse of all the trading settings.

It also enables you to place an order with a balance in the demo section. Once completed, you can use the available trading balance and start trading.

Step 4: Start trading and profiting

Now that you have made your deposit, you are only one last step away from making your profits. At this time, you can change the trading settings, which include the amount you want to allocate for each trade, the maximum amount per trade every day, the profit you wish to make each day and so on. If you like, you can also choose which currency pairs to trade with, such as BTC/EUR, BTC/USD, XRP/EUR, etc.…

Click trade to enjoy accurate, precise, and hands-free trading powered by our award-winning algorithm. You can also set to manual trading if you prefer to trade on your own. The Bitcoin Trader software has helped people execute their dream of financial freedom and early retirement.

Commonly asked questions:

  1. How much profit can I expect from Bitcoin Trader app?

Using Bitcoin Trader, members usually profit a minimum of 1,300 dollars daily.

  1. How many hours do I need to work per day?

Using our advanced software, members work for an average of 20 mins a day or less, and the software handles the trading, the amount of “effort” required from the customer is minimal.

  1. What is the maximum profit I can make?

The profit opportunity with Bitcoin Trader is unlimited. Some of our members earned their first million dollars within just 61 days.

  1. How much do you sell the software?

The Bitcoin Trader members get a copy of proprietary software free. To become an authorized member, fill out the form on this page.

  1. Is the Bitcoin Trader like Affiliate Marketing or MLM?

It is not like MLM, affiliate marketing, or anything similar to that. The software is programmed by an innovative algorithm that process to win trades with an accuracy of 99.4%.

  1. What do you charge for your Bitcoin Trader?

We do not charge broker fees or commissions. There are also no hidden fees for using our software. All your invested money is entirely 100% yours, and you are allowed to withdraw it at any time. You choose without delay.

User Testimonials

There are a few testimonials made by users who made huge profits by trading on The Bitcoin Trader. We have published them on the official website. Some made 100,000 dollars in under two months and claimed to be living the life of their dreams. We would highly recommend you to check the testimonials and decide for yourself. It certainly is happy to see that some people have managed to change their lives around thanks to the fantastic technology for making people’s life wealthier.

Bitcoin Trader Testimonials

Withdrawal and Deposits

Depositing and Withdrawing on Bitcoin Trader is quite easy. Withdrawal requests processed within a few hours, unlike other robots which generally take days. Depositing funds is also designed effortlessly. All you need to do is choose one of the payment methods available, click your preferred one, insert your details, insert the amount you want to deposit and you complete the process.

Our Customer Support

The Bitcoin Trader also has a well-trained, intelligent, and professional help. Our customer support is available at any time through live chat or via email. We most likely respond to your chat within minutes. They will answer and help with any concern you may have, though we hope you will not have any.


After checking all the features of the Bitcoin Trader, we can conclude that you can make good profits from this software. This platform makes it super easy for any beginner to start trading bitcoin within just 5 minutes. We recommend you to start with the demo trading so that you get familiarized with the features our trading platform provides. Try it for yourself by visiting our website, click the link