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moon bitcoin

 There are those who do not deal with Bitcoins, and there are those who love trading in Bitcoins and mining bitcoins. Then there are those who border in between, would like to trade in bitcoins but at the same time are skeptical about it or do not know how and where to start. For those who are on the crossroads about adopting Bitcoins and for those who love to earn bonus bitcoins, here’s Moon Bitcoin, a free bitcoin faucet. A bitcoin faucet is a unique, rewarding system that offers Satoshis as rewards on completing specific tasks or CAPTCHA’s as described by the websites or apps. Satoshi is one-hundred-millionth of 1 Bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC) and is named after the creator of Bitcoins. With a revenue-model to generate revenue out of advertisements, this free faucet works only when the user allows advertisements to auto play.

Even though the rewards being dished out are tiny denominations of BTC, this platform is still viewed by some as a gimmick, whereas, in reality, this platform not only helps the new user to start trading in bitcoins, it also helps build a healthy traffic to various websites and apps, the leading advertisers on this platform.

Let’s take a deep-dive into how Moon bitcoin works; it’s pro’s and con’s

What is a Bitcoin

Let’s start with the first things first and understand what a bitcoin is. In simple words, a Bitcoin is a form of digital cash that is stored in one’s digital wallet app on a smartphone or computer. A type of a cryptocurrency that does not require any central bank of single administrator, this digital currency can be transferred from one peer to another within the cryptocurrency network without the need for an intermediary. Each transaction of bitcoin is recorded in a public ledger called the Blockchain. Founded by Satoshi Nakamoto and being in the market for about ten years, the actual value of each bitcoin is determined by the number of users that are willing to accept bitcoins as a mode of payment, thus, leading to the fluctuation of the value of each bitcoin from day to day. With a large number of Governments not legalizing Bitcoins as a mode of payment, the acceptance rate for the same seems to have decreased in comparison to its early days of introduction.

What is Moon Bitcoin

The most fundamental question that needs to be answered here is what is Moon Bitcoin. Moon Bitcoin is one of the most popular bitcoin faucets, primarily because while most other faucets dish out bonuses claims on an hourly basis or, in some cases, daily, Moon Bitcoin allows users to claim these bonuses as and when they please, sometimes as frequent as every 5 minutes. However, there are two facets one needs to keep in mind while claiming these bonuses.

  • At the start, the faucet fills faster. However, the value of the reward when claimed is minimal
  • As the faucet fills up, the value keeps increasing; however, the faucet takes longer to fill.

So, depending on what the user wants to claim multiple rewards in a day of small denominations or wants to make the big kill once a day, the choice is entirely theirs.

One of the most reputable and highest traffic generating faucet, Moon Bitcoin manages to create a win-win for not only themselves but also for the users and the advertisers. While the users are guaranteed payouts, thanks to the revenue made out of advertisers, the advertisers reap rich dividends through traffic generated on their platform, leading to even greater investment in advertisements on moon bitcoin, making the loop larger and larger.

For transacting on Moon Bitcoin, depending upon where one wishes to withdraw their rewards from, it is mandatory to sign up with a Bitcoin wallet or CoinPot email address.

Moon Bitcoin Bonuses

To attract more users and help users increase their claim amounts by as much as 500%, Moon Bitcoin offers four unique bonus options. Explained below are the four options available for the users with a brief description of them

  • Daily Loyalty Bonus: One of the easiest ways for anyone to increase their rewards is to claim their rewards on Moon Bitcoin at least once a day. With an increased rate of 1% a day, a user can double their rewards by the 100th consecutive day of claiming their rewards on Moon Bitcoin. Capped at 100%, one can continue to claim double the rewards if one continues to redeem their rewards every single day post that. However, if one forgets to claim on any single day, the counter resets, and the user would then again need to start from 0 an build up their rewards to 100% levels.
  • Referral Bonus: Piggybacking on the oldest and most reliable way of increasing the user base, Moon Bitcoin incentivizes its users to refer and bring on more users to their platform. A user can simply encourage all in his / her network to register on Moon Bitcoin and transact on this platform to earn a referral bonus. Not only will the user receive a 50% lifetime commission on all the faucet claims of those they referred, but they also stand to earn a 1% bonus for every active referral on the platform. Capped once again at 100%, the user can technically double their claimed rewards simply by having 100 or more active users on the platform. The only condition that applies is that all those users one referrer should have requested at least one faucet in the past 72 hours for them to be considered as active users. It can’t get simpler to double your rewards. References can be made using two of the strongest social platforms, Twitter and Facebook, take a pick.
  • Offer Bonus: As the concept of faucets go, every user that completes a survey or offers get rewarded for doing so on Moon Bitcoin. In addition to the rewards already earned, one also gets to earn additional 5% bonus for every survey or offer they have completed in the past 30 days from the date when they are claiming their rewards. Once again capped at 100%, one can technically double their reward only by ensuring they have completed at least 20 surveys or offers in the past 30 days from the day they wish to claim their bonus. Can it get any sweeter than this, one wonders?
  • Mystery Bonus: If one thought it couldn’t get any better, think again. Not only does Moon Bitcoin offer one with various options to earn their bonuses, but they also offer you bonuses without even you asking for them. The Mystery bonus tests one’s luck and, at the time of claiming the reward, adds additional awards to the basket ranging unto 100%. One can always thank their stars later.

While there are the four bonuses that are running on the platform as of now, there could be more bonuses that keep getting added or removed, depending upon the need from time to time. Do watch out for more offers that get published on their website

With these offers put together, if one wishes to and is willing to invest time and effort, one can easily claim bonuses unto 500% of their rewards earned. That’s the power of Moon Bitcoin that also makes it one of the most frequented platforms for users who frequent bitcoin faucets.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Moon Bitcoin

Like almost every other product or service available today, Moon bitcoin also enjoys specific advantages as well as weaknesses, explaining why they are ranked 5705 in the Global Ranking, seeing their ups and downs in the Alexa traffic ranking. Exploring some of those reasons below:

Strengths of Moon Bitcoin

  • With a relatively simple website, with English, as the language used, Moon Bitcoin makes the user experience simple and is very easy to understand how the system works.
  • With no initial fee to be paid, there are no entry barriers to registering on Moon Bitcoin. Enter your CoinPod email address or Bitcoin wallet, as simple as that to sign in to Moon Bitcoin.
  • With various bonuses up for grabs for all the users, it is one of the most lucrative offers one can get not just to double one’s rewards but increase them exponentially. Redeem your rewards as little as once a day to be eligible for the daily bonus as well as Mystery bonus.
  • With the simplistic approach taken to explain the rewards system and to transact, Moon Bitcoin helps introduce many users to the world of Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies.
  • With one of the highest traffic generators amongst the Bitcoin Faucets, Moon Bitcoin is one of the most robust concerning revenue generations, leading to more guarantee to honoring the redemptions in comparison to many in this field.
  • With the largest number of active users on the platform, Moon Bitcoin also is an excellent platform for advertisers to advertise and spend more on advertisements on this platform, helping them not only to generate more traffic on their platform but also earn through the traffic that gets created on their websites or apps through Moon Bitcoin.

Weaknesses of Moon Bitcoin

  • With Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies to legalized in many countries, the law could become a huge barrier for new users to register on moon Bitcoin.
  • With advertisements being one of the significant sources of revenue for Moon Bitcoin, it is mandatory for users to view ads and cannot block them. This could get hard on the users, sometimes leading them even to stop using the platform.
  • With the ad blockers turned off for one to transact on Moon Bitcoin, one could end up wasting a lot of time viewing these advertisements, which also could result in a huge turnoff.
  • With constant advertisements playing at regular intervals, they could also result in the overall slowing down of the website and, in some cases, the whole system itself.
  • Since the rewards are based on the traffic and number of advertisers on the platform, there could be a huge amount of fluctuation on the reward one earns from time to time, this could also lead to dissatisfaction amongst the users.
  • Like any other technology, Moon Bitcoin too experiences inevitable technological blips, as per specific reviews from customers, where they were unable to claim their rewards, leading to their loyalty bonus resetting to ‘0’.
  • Also listed on some other reviews by the users is the difficulty of earning rewards on Moon Bitcoin, unless one has a few referrals listed.
  • With the bonuses shelled out as Satoshi, the amount of Bitcoin one earns as rewards could be minimal, which could lead to disappointment amongst new users.

Registered as early as 2014, Moon Bitcoin is doing wonders in the world of Cryptocurrency faucets, and rightfully so. Despite its various pros and cons, it is one of the most popular platforms for users as well as advertisers alike. With time in hand and if one does not mind watching advertisements, this platform is one of the best to help earn extra rewards. This only gets supplemented if one has a robust network that too believes in cryptocurrencies and in earning natural rewards at the end of the day, who will say no to extra rewards, after all.

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