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 It is a known fact that in the current days, you have worked hard to increase your money. There are many brokers who say they will work to increase your funds but they do that with a charge, I mean to say they themselves eat into your profits. And not all brokers are investing your money so that you gain.

They also put your money into funds or shares from which they are getting more commission, and in the end, you will see that you invested but got a return like you would get in bank deposits. But now you can invest through Olymp Trade, an online platform that will give you definite gains with minimum hassles.


About Olymp Trade

An online popular trading platform, Olymp Trade allows traders to call options for several commodities, stocks, indices, currency pairs, and cryptocurrencies. Olymp Trade is basically a platform, where traders are allowed to call a position, guessing if the strike price of the particular commodity, stock, index, currency pairs or cryptocurrency will increase or decrease. A trader is allowed to choose either up or down, which are indicated by the up arrow and down arrow. This type of trading allowed is called binary options trading.

The trading platform, Olymp Trade also allows trade durations to be set. Trade interval or duration varies from one minute to 24 hours. This is actually the time, where either your money goes up or down. Before placing any trade, person trading can also see the profit percentage of the particular commodity, currency pair, index or stock. Hence Olymp Trade can be easy money if you call the correct option, but you can also lose your money in one minute! This is the thrill of investing in trades on Olymp Trade.

olymp trade review

Unique features of Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is a unique trading platform that speaks to the needs of their customers. Olymp Trade takes care of the desires of both established traders and traders who are just starting out. In comparison with other online trading platforms, Olymp Trade is better than all in terms of the features and facilities it offers to its users. Some of the special, unique features are listed below-

  • Allows free registration- Olymp Trade allows free registration to all its new customers, unlike other trading platforms.
  • Practice in Demo account- Olymp Trade provides a demo account to its traders, where they can practice before investing their own money. A new user has a whopping 10,000 demo coins to his name at the beginning to explore and master trading.
  • Low investment to start- Just a mere $10 is the required minimum deposit and $1 is the amount to start trading. The low investment, in the beginning, gives new traders incentive when they are apprehensive about exploring the subject of trading.
  • Several assets to choose from- Olymp Trade provides to its users over 75 assets like currency pairs, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies to choose from. This gives every trader the freedom he actually requires.
  • Learn from strategies provided- Olymp Trade contains many strategies and modules for its new traders, who can learn and explore from those strategies before trading. Olymp Trade offers fifty-six webinars and 20 strategies and lessons to understand market trends. A VIP user has the option to avail of personal training sessions.
  • Easy and quick deposit and withdrawal- Olymp Trade accepts deposits from various sources. Visa card and Mastercard are accepted, online payments through apps like Skrill and Neteller are accepted. Electronic payment methods like Webmoney, Bitcoin, Astropay card and Globepay are accepted by Olymp Trade. $10 is the minimum amount required for withdrawal and when a trader decides to withdraw her or his winnings, the earnings go straight into source or account of your choice, within 1 to 3 days.
  • High-profit percentage of assets- The assets available for trade on Olymp Trade provide a high percentage of profit to the traders. The maximum profit that a standard user can get is 82% and that a VIP user can get is 90%. What this means is if you invest $10 on an asset and call the correct position of that asset, which can either be up or down, within the time increment you have set, you can earn up to $19 on that trade.
  • Easy to use mobile application- the application of Olymp Trade is compatible with any mobile operator and you can download the application on your cell phone or tablet for free.
  • Safe and secure platform- Olymp Trade has certification from FinaCom PLC and is a completely legal and legitimate trading platform, unlike other trading platforms in the market. 

Open Your Olymp Trade Account Now


What is the minimum deposit?
The minimum deposit amount for a standard account holder is $10.The minimum amount to trade is $1. The more you deposit the more offers you would get. If you deposit $30 you will get $3. If you deposit $100, you will get $20.

Does Olymp Trade actually work?
There is an account called the demo account which is issued for free, and every account will be allocated 10,000 demo coins. For the Standard Account, a minimum deposit of $10 is needed to open the account. The minimum amount to trade is $1. When you want to withdraw the funds you have earned, the minimum amount that an account holder can withdraw is $10 and there is no limit for how much money a person can withdraw. Withdrawals may take 1 day and a maximum of 3 days.

How will I know that it actually works?
The minimum deposit amount for a standard account holder is $10.The minimum amount to trade is $1. The moment you start trading if you gain profit, you will see a raise in your account which you have earned.

Do I lose my money if the asset remains in the same position as it was when I called my option?
No, absolutely not. If the asset you traded in remains at the position as before, you get the full money you invested back in your account, irrespective of the position you called.

What is the withdrawal time?
When you want to withdraw the funds you have earned, the minimum amount that an account holder can withdraw is $10 and there is no limit for how much money a person can withdraw for a standard account holder. Withdrawals may take 24 hours and a maximum of 3 days.

What us the withdrawal fees?
There are no withdrawal fees that will be charged from your account for a standard account holder.

Will Olymp Trade get me instant money?
If you understand trading and financial markets very well or if you are willing to understand and you call the correct option, you will get earn up to 90% profit on your investment. Similarly, you can lose money easily too, if you call the wrong option.

What are the time increments for which I can call an option?
The time interval for which you can call a position varies from one minute to 24 hours. You can watch your money grow and earn profits up to $0.90 per $1 invested or fall at the same rate.

I do not know about trading; do the trading platform have an instruction manual for reference?
You can go to their official website and deposit a minimum amount of $10 and for trading, you need only $1. They give a strategy to trade on their website.

Will I able to practice trading?
There is an account called the demo account which is issued for free, and every account will be allocated 10,000 demo coins which allow you to practice freely before you can trade with real money. You can practice trading on this account by calling options.

Do I get any deposit bonus?
Yes, if you are a standard account holder the more amount of money you deposit, the more bonus you will get. If you deposit $30 you will get $3. If you deposit $100, you will get $20 and henceforth.

Pros of Olymp Trade as a trading platform-

  • It allows you to practice in your demo account before investing real money.
  • Deposits are as low as $10 to start with.
  • Start trading with just $1.
  • Over 75 assets to choose from.
  • The profit percentage of assets can go up to 90%.
  • Learn strategies and tricks from the manuals and lessons provided.
  • Easy withdrawal system, with no fees charged for withdrawal.
  • Register on the platform for free.
  • Bonuses are given on deposits, $30 onwards.
  • Completely legal and legitimate trading platform.
  • 24 by 7 customer support, in various languages.
  • The thrill of watching your invested money grow twice its amount, within a minute is unmatched!

Cons of Olymp Trade

  • It does not accept cards like Discover.
  • You can lose your money, in just a minute the same way you can earn profits on it.

Customer Testimonials

I am highly impressed with the Olymp Trade platform and want to thank them for providing such an easy way to trade. It is just 1 month now from the day I started trading with Olymp. I had no difficulty in trading with Olymp. Their training material was specially designed for a new trader like me. As promised, Olymp has credited my account timely for all the withdrawals I had made. And I made an impressive 2000% profit of my initial investment in this one-month period. Once I had some problem and the issue was solved instantly by the Customer Care Centre. I would like to recommend Olymp Trade to all of you. Greg Robinson, 34, New York.

I love the Olymp platform for trading. I had started to trade on Olymp with the demo account and found that it is really easy to trade on this platform. Olymp even provides necessary technical analysis. And unlike the other trading platforms, this expert service of technical analysis provided by Olymp is completely free. And for an in-depth analysis, it gives you charts, indicators, etc. that might want to switch to the platform specifically designed for this. I always found the necessary tool for trading on Olymp. Thanks to the developers of Olymp, I am a professional trader now. Abhay Singh, 20, New Delhi.

I am not new at trading. I trade in many commodities, currency pairs, cryptocurrency on different platforms. But I found that many platforms are very complicated and are actually running a scam. I lost a lot of money on those platforms and finally, I tried Olymp Trade. I noticed from the first day that everything was simply explained and there were very exhaustive strategies and tools. I used these tools and made never before Gains. I had the expertise but with other platforms, I lost my investments, but with Olymp Trade I tasted success, always. I recommend only using Olymp Trade for trading! Steve Hussey, 48, Adelaide.


If you are a risk-taker or you want to enjoy the thrill of trading, Olymp Trade is the perfect trading platform for you. In the last couple of years, Olymp Trade has emerged as one of the best trading platforms available online. With minimum deposit set only at $10 and minimum investment required to start trading only $1, the incentive provided by the trading platform to its apprehensive, new users is just right.

The beginners also get to learn strategies and tricks to understand and apply the market trends to their trade. The VIP account users get the facility of one to one training sessions. A user can also practice in the demo account provided to him or her with 10,000 demo coins. So beginners at trading do not need to think they are not good at the game because they can learn it.

Olymp Trade also gives bonuses to its users on deposits and charges no withdrawal fee. The trading platform is extremely safe and secure, unlike other platforms in the market. It is approved and certified by FinaCom PLC, so do not worry about your money. In the end, I can only conclude by saying that if you want to earn quick money within a minute, Olymp Trade is the best trading platform for you.

olymp trade review

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